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rollercoaster month

Today was one of those days where I felt upbeat despite running bad but then I couldn’t keep feeling positive after getting crushed literally all day. I lost back every dollar I made last week and then some, which unsurprisingly felt awful. The good thing is that I didn’t feel terrible until near the end of the night. A positive is a positive, I suppose.


good week

The week improved a lot since the last time I posted, ie. I started running good. I played only a half week but ran like 2.5% above EV, which is really nice. It’s definitely made me happier at the end of my sessions πŸ˜‰

I’m doing a lot of things to try to free up more time for poker because I want to get back to 30+ hours per week. I’ve been easily distracted by non-poker things this past week, so I’m gonna try really hard to fix that this next week.

The main thing is that I have to start waking up earlier in the day. I keep getting up late but don’t like to play later than usual when I start late. Logic states that starting later means I should play later, but apparently I don’t do that. Soooo only solution is to start waking up earlier πŸ˜›

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