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My trip to the rheumatologist last month was uneventful. My medication stayed the same because I’m not considered stable until I’ve been off prednisone for 6 months, and my doctor wanted to keep things the same since I’m doing relatively fine.

I’ve felt pretty awful the last couple weeks, though, which sucks. I haven’t been sleeping well and I’ve been so tired lately. It sucks because I’ve really been enjoying playing poker these days, especially some of the $200 HU reg battles. I’ve been working on my game a fair amount lately, and I’m eager to try some stuff out. I can’t really do this when I’m not feeling well, though, since it’s basically just lighting money on fire when edges are so small.

I’ve been keeping myself busy doing other somewhat productive things. My husband is starting a website, so I’ve been editing a bit for him when I’m too tired to do anything poker related. Being an editor is pretty mindless, I can do it half asleep anytime.

I don’t mind the days when lupus makes me tired as long as I don’t lose my motivation. Days when I lack motivation are just the worst, though. Those are days when I know I’m not myself because when I’m feeling like myself, I NEVER lack for motivation. When I’m myself, I want to do everything.

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